Message from Ambassador

Dear Visitors,

We welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Japan.

This website is designed to offer basic information about the Republic of Azerbaijan, its history, culture and traditions, political and social life, economy, as well as the activity of our Embassy. You can also find information about Azerbaijan-Japan relations.

Standing at the crossroads of cultures and civilizations, Azerbaijan, a crucial juncture along the ancient Silk Road, is a home to an inclusive society proud of its diversity. From the alpine peaks and deep canyons of the Caucasus Mountains to the subtropical forests of Lenkaran to the shores of the Caspian Sea, the unique variety of Azerbaijan’s nature continues to inspire its poets and musicians – heirs to the heritage of the great Nizami Ganjavi and masters of the mysterious music of Mugham.

On May 28, 1918 independent Azerbaijan emerged as the first parliamentary republic in the Muslim world.  Multi-ethnic and multi-party parliament based on the free proportional and universal representations was established by the ADR. Women were given the rights to vote, ahead of many European countries. The Baku State University was established. Regrettably Azerbaijan’s independence was short-lived and in 1920 Republic became part of Soviet Union for seven decades. The independence of Azerbaijan was restored in 1991.

Since then Azerbaijan has undergone a dramatic transformation from the war thorn country with huge domestic instability to one of the fastest developing  countries in the world.

Political and economic stability enabled us to pursue more active policy abroad. Our country’s foreign policy has grown increasingly pro-active fostering friendly beneficial relations with the countries of the world.

Abundant with natural resources, in particular with hydrocarbon resources the Republic of Azerbaijan plays an important role in the formation of the global energy policy, and contributes to the energy security of the world.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all friends for their support to the development of Azerbaijan-Japan relationship. The bilateral relations between Azerbaijan and Japan are on a very high-level.

The two countries have established long-term and efficient partnership based on mutual trust and mutual benefit underpinned by stronger cooperation in political, economic, humanitarian, cultural areas, as well as substantial dialogue in regional and international level.

We look forward to welcoming you in Azerbaijan!

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